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AUDIO | Racheal MEL – I Know You Love Me | Download Gospel Song

AUDIO | Racheal MEL - I Know You Love Me | Download Gospel Song

Racheal MEL – I Know You Love Me

Racheal MEL – I Know You Love Me 

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AUDIO | Racheal MEL – I Know You Love Me | Download Gospel Song

I do not want to bore my powerful stakeholders I want to bring them good thing every day, support and advice are a good thing from you.Today’s a special song for you of GOSPEL AUDIO

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1. Oh Lord, thank You for giving me the grace to succeed again.

2. Oh Lord, I cast out every spirit of failure in my career in Jesus’ name.

3. Every embargo placed on me that is causing failure, come out of me by fire in Jesus’ name.

4. I remove myself from the company of failures and attach myself to the company of successful people in Jesus’ name.

5. Oh Lord, my God, pour on me the oil of success that I might be successful in my daily activities.

6 . The word of wisdom I need to restore back my success put it in my mouth in Jesus’ name.

7 . Every arrow of failure shot against my success go back to the sender in Jesus name.

8 . Every mistake of my ancestors that is working against my success in life, I cancel it by the Blood of Jesus.

9. Blood of Jesus, wash my hands clean of evil curse of failure affecting my hand in Jesus’ name.

10. I will not be a failure. I carry global success. I am a blessing to my generation in the name of Jesus.




1 . Oluwa, modupe l’owo Re fun ore- ofe lati se aseyori lekansi.

2 . Oluwa, mo ti gbogbo emi ijakule ninu ise mi jade l’oruko Jesu.

3. Gbogbo eru okunkun ti a gbe le mi l’ori lati mu mi jakule, e jade ninu mi pelu ina l’oruko Jesu.

4. Mo yo ara mi kuro larin egbe awon oloriburuku, mo si so ara mi po mo egbe awon alaseyori l’oruko Jesu.

5. Oluwa, Olorun mi, da ororo aseyori le mi lori kin le se aseyori ninu ise mi ojojumo.

6. Oro ogbon ti mo ni lo lati gba aseyori mi pada fi si mi lenu ni oruko Jesu.

7. Gbogbo ofa ijakule ti a ta si aseyori mi, pada si odo eni to ta o ni oruko Jesu.

8 . Gbogbo asise awon asiwaju mi to nsise lodi si aseyori mi ni aiye, mo pare pelu Eje Jesu.

9 . Eje Jesu, fo owo mi kuro ninu egun ijakule ti nyo owo mi l’enu l’oruko Jesu.

10. Emi ki se eni ijakule. Aseyori agbaiye m be ninu mi. Ibukun ni mo je si iran mi ni l’oruko Jesu.


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