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AUDIO | Eunice Kemunto Bwana Nakungoja | Download Gospel Song

Eunice Kemunto – Bwana Nakungoja

                           AUDIO | Eunice Kemunto Bwana Nakungoja | Download Gospel Song

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I do not want to bore my powerful stakeholders I want to bring them good thing every day, support and advice are a good thing from you.Today’s a special song for you of GOSPEL AUDIO

             www.wakristo.com website is dedicated to promoting Gospel entertainment through music. This is a platform for Gospel music lovers / Christians worldwide to listen and download newly released Gospel audio and music video tunes from their favorite Gospel artistes /ministers.

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Do not allow the music to be missed everyday here.This www.wakristo.com brings a dramatic drama every day that has a trend in networks,also let’s hang to distribute our music so far. www.wakristo.com is a homepage for music.



*1 The peace of God grow through studying and reading the word of God continually*

*2The level of your understanding of the word of God determine the level of your peace*

*3 *understanding is a spiritual insight the deeper you understand the word of God the deeper your faith the clear you see in the spiritual reams Matthews 9v29*

*4 2kings6v14 Elisha was seeing in the spiritual reams he understood that the God He served he is present every where*

*5 seeing in the spiritual reams means to relay on the word of God not base on the physical point of seeing*

*6The Bible doesn’t say Elisha saw the Chariot but his servant is the one who saw the Chariots Elisha was seeing through faith*

*Weather Elisha saw the Chariot or not he would still believing God because he knew the God he served He is present every where* 

*The peace of God grow by knowing that God is present every where and His always with you*

*8 To make the peace of God to grow is not just having knowledge and believing that the word of God is true*

*James2v19 you believe that their is one God even demons do*

*Demons they really believe in God and they know that He is only God*

*9 Believing God it is another thing having faith in Him it is also another thing*

*Believing it is just knowing that the word of God is true*

*Faith is totally depending on the word of God* 

*Having confidence in* *Him as a Christian you don’t just have to believe in Him but you also have to have faith in Him( totally depending on Him)*

*God bless you for reading*

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